Virtual Radar

Robin Gruijter

Turn Homey into an airspace radar and tracker based on ADS-B tracker info

Turn Homey into an aircraft radar or tracker. The radar information is based on ADS-B tracker info from and from - Ever wanted to know where that plane over your house is heading? - Do you want to track the local Police Helicopter? - Do you need a record of small planes flying over your estate too low? - Interested in knowing where Military airplanes are? - Do you want to track your pilot husband all over the world? - Do you want a push message when your wife is taking the helicopter again? Radar: Live data from aircrafts in radar range For each radar you can see the number of aircraft in reach, and information from the nearest aircraft: [image] [image] Tracker: Track an individual aircraft For each tracker you can see the location, direction, altitude, speed, destination airport and track time: [image] [image] Action flow cards - Aircraft entering airspace - Aircraft moving in airspace - Aircraft leaving airspace - Tracker came online - Tracker info was updated - Tracker went offline - Aircraft went airborne (tracker) - Aircraft landed (tracker) [image] [image] With the flow cards you get the following tokens, depending on the selected data source. OpenSky is free to use, but has limited information. ADSB-Exchange has more information, but requires an API key that you can get for free when you feed data from your own ADSB-receiver. - dist: The distance to the aircraft in kilometres. - bearing: The bearing from the radar to the aircraft clockwise from 0° north - alt: The altitude in meters adjusted for local air pressure. - ground: True if the aircraft is on the ground - km/h: The ground speed in km/h - vert.: Vertical speed in meter per minute. - species: The species of the aircraft (helicopter, jet etc.) - mil: True if the aircraft appears to be operated by the military. - icao: ICAO unique ID - reg: The registration - call: The callsign - model: A description of the aircraft’s model. Usually also includes the manufacturer’s name. - oprtr: The name of the aircraft’s operator. - from: The code and name of the departure airport. - to: The code and name of the arrival airport. - help: True if the aircraft is transmitting an emergency squawk. [image] Radar setup You can setup multiple radars anywhere in the world. As default it will be setup on the location of your Homey. For each radar you can set: * location (long, lat) * range (km) * min and max altitudes (m) * scan interval (seconds) [image] You can filter the results with a number of options: [image] [image] Tracker setup You can setup multiple trackers. For each tracker you can set: * home location (long, lat). This is used to calculate the distance token. * ICAO or Registration or Callsign * scan interval (seconds) [image] Donate: If you like the app you can show your appreciation by posting it in the forum. If you really like the app you can buy me a beer. [Paypal donate] This app uses: * ADSBexchange for virtual radar data: * OpenSky for virtual radar data: * OpenStreetMap for reverse geocoding: =============================================================================== Version changelog: changelog.txt

Supported devices

Radar (ADS-B)
Tracker (ADS-B)


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