Ilya Antipenko

Control your Gree, Cooper&Hunter HVAC devices

This app adds support of Gree compatible HVACs to Homey. [Gree HVAC] Supported devices - Gree Wi-Fi HVACs - Cooper&Hunter Wi-Fi HVACs - Daitsu Wi-Fi HVACs - Tosot Wi-Fi HVACs If you found that your HVAC works and brand is not mentioned above please create an issue to add this brand as compatible Links Gree app in Homey Apps Gree app GitHub repository This app is tested using next devices: - Cooper&Hunter Alpha CH-S18FTXE (Wi-Fi) Translation Help wanted to verify and update any incorrect translation. Feel free to create issues/pull requests. Changelog v0.2.1(stable) (3.11.2019) v0.2.0(alpha) (26.10.2019) * Fix connection issue in case of changing IP address by the HVAC * Use MAC instead of HVAC name for storing ACs info * Use fork for gree-hvac-client to catch and ignore invalid JSON * Use fork for gree-hvac-client to prevent “Error [ERRSOCKETDGRAMNOTRUNNING]: Not running” error * Allow to activate “turbo mode” * Allow to turn on and off lights of HVAC v0.1.3 (02.09.2019) * Fix connection bug when few HVACs are in use. v0.1.0 (30.07.2019) * First version of app. * Allow to turn on and off * Allow to change HVAC mode * Allow to control temperature

Supported devices

Gree, Cooper&Hunter HVAC


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