Ilya Antipenko

Control your Gree and other EWPE Smart compatible HVAC devices

This app adds support of Gree compatible HVACs to Homey. Supported devices: * Gree Wi-Fi HVACs * Cooper&Hunter Wi-Fi HVACs * Daitsu Wi-Fi HVACs * Tosot Wi-Fi HVACs * Wilfa Wi-Fi HVACs If you found that your HVAC works and brand is not mentioned above please create an issue to add this brand as compatible * This app is tested using next devices: Cooper&Hunter Alpha CH-S18FTXE (Wi-Fi) Notes * Fan speed ** "Medium Low" and "Medium High" speed modes are not available for 3-speed HVACs * X-Fan ** "X-Fan" mode might be turned off automatically by AC in case of switching HVAC mode from Dry and Cool. ** That means you need to turn it on manually when switch to Dry/Cool mode if you want to use it. * Vertical swing ** "Disabled"/"Default" position means that vertical swing will be stopped and left on the current position.
What's new in v0.4.0
Show current temperature if possible Allow to use HVACs in HomeyKit

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