Google TTS

Dennie de Groot

Google TTS support for Homey

Broadcast a text message to your Google Home devices. Currently supports: - Google Cast Devices Limitations - Messages that contain over 200 characters are not supported by Google - Only one message is played when sending multiple messages to the same device, create a timeout to play your next message Licensing: - This application is subject to these terms. Changelog 1.4.0: - Implemented discovery strategy - Added English US and English AU Changelog 1.3.2: - Added Norwegian Changelog 1.3.1: - Handle error in tts library Changelog 1.3.0: - Added volume change - Improved mdns-js error handling Due to the new volume setting the flow cards are broken and need to be re-saved. A setting of 0% volume means no volume change. Changelog 1.2.0: - Added new languages Changelog 1.1.1: - Changed app store category Changelog 1.1.0: - Added speech speed selection, bugfixes Changelog 1.0.0: - Initial release ------------------------------------------------------------------------


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