Blueriiot Blue Connect

Fredrik Pålsson

Keep track of you pool water quality.

This app adds support for Blue Connect devices. Currently it reads temperature, pH, ORP and conductivity or salinity. There are flow triggers for the things you might need. Feel free to suggest features, see the community page below.
What's new in v0.1.8
Now the app reads measurements, feed, guidance info and status (in that order). This means that flows based on "Pool needs attention" can now use guidance info.

Supported devices

Blue Connect

Flow cards

Click on a device above to show related Flow cards only.


Blue Connect
pH changed
Blue Connect
pH goes above pH value
Blue Connect
pH goes below pH value
Blue Connect
ORP changed
Blue Connect
ORP goes above ORP value
Blue Connect
ORP goes below ORP value
Blue Connect
New measurement
Triggered when a new measurement is detected
Blue Connect
New guidance action
Triggered when a new action is suggested
Blue Connect
Pool needs attention
Triggers when pool needs attention


Blue Connect
Look for new measurement
Manually check if there is a new measurement and retreive it if there is


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