Marcel Timmermans

Informs you about the expected rain

BuienAlarm app for Homey This is an unofficial implementation for the BuienAlarm App on Homey. It uses data from BuitenAlarm.nl It is based on Buienradar but I prefer BuienAlarm for better data. That is the reason why I implemented this. The app is using you longitude and latitude to determain the location to check for rain. This application is only working in the Netherlands and Belgium (UNTESTED) Version v1.1.4 Fixed condition “is it raining over ..” V1.1.2 Fixed rain trigger bugs (hopefully) V1.1.1 removed some unneeded access rights. v1.1.0 Repaired some bugs Added new triggers - Rain Percentage, this will calculate for the comming to hours how much time in percentage it will rain. 100% means it rains at least 2 hours. 50% it rains an hour however this can be the first half hour and the last one. - Rain in mm. This will calculate the amount of rain for the next hour. Added new conditions - Same calculations as for trigger Added in the settings an overview of rain for 2 hours. V1.0.3 This is the first beta version of BuienAlarm App.


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