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Make your own devices using Arduino

This Homey app allows you easily to connect your own Arduino based creations with your Homey using ethernet or WiFi. Connecting your own creations with Homey has never been easier: just install the app and downlod the Homeyduino Arduino library to get started! Welcome New to Homeyduino? Usage information and a getting started guide can be found in the usage guide. Looking for examples? We’ve built a set of example projects which are included with the Arduino library. Interested in the inner workings of Homeyduino? The API reference for the Arduino library can be found here and the protocol used to communicate between the Arduino library and the Homey app is documented here. Want to help with development of Homeyduino? Do you experience problems while using Homeyduino? Please read our contributing guidelines before submitting a bug, feature request or pull request. Getting started (templates for building your own projects) - Arduino board with an ethernet v2 shield: source and documentation - Arduino board with an ethernet v1 shield: source and documentation - ESP8266 based boards: source and documentation - ESP32 based boards: source and documentation Examples (finished projects with documentation) - Automatic plant waterer - DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor - NFC reader - Simon says Firmware (finished firmware for certain devices available on the market) - Sonoff basic Remote configuration The remote configuration sketch allows you to configure your Arduino board from within the pairing wizard, no programming skills required. Compatible with select Arduino, ESP8266 and ESP32 boards. More information on this feature can be found here. Technical details - Arduino library API reference - The inner workings of the Homeyduino Homey app - The network protocol License and credits Homeyduino is a product developed by Renze Nicolai as part of his internship project for the Electrical Engineering study at Saxion university for applied sciences. The Homeyduino app and Arduino library are licensed under the GPLv3 license. Homey™ and Homeyduino™ are trademarks of Athom B.V. Homeyduino - Copyright 2017 Athom B.V. - All rights reserved

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