Formula 1

Bram van Rooijen

This app lets you integrate the current Formula 1 schedule in Homey!

This app lets you integrate the current Formula 1 schedule in Homey! Functionality Flow trigger when race starts Triggers when the race starts. Has tokens for race name and location Flow trigger with timer before the race starts Triggers a setable amount of time before the race starts Flow trigger with winner token Triggers after the race when the winner is determined. Token with the name of the winner. Flow condition if racing Condition that is true when a race is ongoing App Flow tokens Tokens with the current championship standings. Changelog v1.0.3 Cancel timers for Flows when setting new ones. This should resolve the issue that Flows related to the race start are triggered multiple times. v1.0.2 Don’t trigger flows after race start. Various small bug fixes v1.0.0. First release Note This project is created in our free time. Athom will not support this app! However, you may contact the developers should you experience any bugs.


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