Amazon Alexa

Jamie Peake

Control your amazon devices from Homey.

With this app you can add Alexa devices to homey and control them via the Homey app or flows. This is not to be confused with the Athom Alexa Skill which allows you to use Alexa to control your Homey devices. Notes This app is currently being developed, please check back after updates for new devices, flows and capabilities. Using 1. After installing, to add a new Device, click + (add) upon the devices tab select "Amazon Alexa Device". 2. Likely a popup will open asking for you to log into your amazon alexa account. 3. You will receive a message stating its now ok to close the popup, and a loading screen will show. 4. The loading screen may stay for up to a minute, but once completed your alexa devices will be shown. 5. Click on which devices you would like to add to Homey.
What's new in v3.3.700
Fixes issues with play music, play sound and good night report.

Supported devices

Smart Light
Smart Plug
Echo Dot (Gen1)
Echo Dot (Gen2)
Echo Dot (Gen3)
Echo Flex (Gen1)
Echo Plus (Gen1)
Echo Plus (Gen2)
Echo Show 5 (Gen1)
Echo Show 8 (Gen1)
Echo Show (Gen1)
Echo Show (Gen2)
Echo Spot (Gen1)
Echo Studio (Gen1)
Echo (Gen1)
Echo (Gen2)
Echo (Gen3)
Ecobee 4
Gigase tL800HX
Netgear Orbi Voice
Sonos Beam
Sonos One


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