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How Homey can help you run a family

How Homey can help you run a family

Got a few young ones running around? Or a little tyke who’s already tech-curious? Why not start them off on their own smart home routines? Try creating a bit of structure by setting up a homework timer in Homey for a certain amount of study time, or use it to control access to entertainment and remotely control appliances. Get ready to let technology and Homey take over some of that parenting stress.

Help your kids create smart daily routines with Flows

Getting up in the morning can sometimes be quite challenging, especially with kids. So let's start off with a morning routine for them. Include a wake-up alarm with Homey alarms and have Homey automatically open the curtains. You can even play some upbeat music after a certain amount of time to kick them out of the bed once and for all. With breakfast, let the lights in the kitchen flash as a quick warning that it’s time to finish the meal, brush your teeth and get out the door.

Stay connected, keep in touch

While you're still at work, you can make your kids feel welcome when coming home from school. Adjust the thermostat to a comfortable setting, remind them to do their homework and unlock controls on the television at a given time. Schedule times when they can watch TV and use other technology. You can even turn off the TV remotely if you’re not home. Magic. 

Make your home a kid-friendly smart home

Every child is different. Every home is different. Although many devices are dedicated to cool and fun stuff, you can use many of them to manage your family life as well. Instead of providing fun colors during movie time in the living room, move your smart color bulbs up a floor to function as night lights in the hallway. Through Flows, you can let the lights turn on automatically using motion sensors. 

With so many devices and brands to choose from it’s easy for you as a parent to build a kid-friendly smart home. So enjoy the last few moments, while you remain just a little more technologically savvy than your child.. 🙂  

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