Wireless Weather Sensors

Ramón Baas

Reads data from several brands of wireless weather sensors.

Homey app to read information from wireless weather sensors on 433 MHz. Various protocols (e.g. Alecto/Fine Offset, Auriol, Cresta/Hideki, LaCrosse, Oregon Scientific, UPM/Esic, etc.) can be decoded. One can create different types of weather sensors (temperature, temperature/humidity, anemometers, rain gauges, UV, barometers, brightness). Move information is available with the source code on GitHub. Please report issues via GitHub - not in reviews.
What's new in v2.5.2
• Changed driver model, updated app settings UI • Added support for Auriol HG05124A-DCF-TX (Auriol v2) • Added support for Alecto WS-1700 • Fixed wind speed for Alecto, Cresta & Oregon Scientific • Stricter timing to improve reception • Removed Oregon Scientific v2.2 (sensors need re-pairing) • Removed Labs, moved into Alecto v1
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