Mark Tudor

Allows control of Squeezeboxes connected to a Logitech Media Server.

#HomeySqueezebox Control your Logitech Squeezebox server and devices with your Athom Homey! ##Getting Started ###Configure the App Install the app and then add the correct server address and port in Settings > Squeezebox. Usually, leaving the Server Port at the default 9000 is fine. The Server Address should be specified as the address of the Logitech Media Server, including the “http://” part. A name or ip address can be used: Server Address: http://squeezebox.mydomain.co.uk Server Address: http://squeezebox Server Address: WARNING: If you do not specify a server address, the app will always fail when searching for Squeezeboxes with the message “There were no new devices found!”. If you specify the wrong server address, or if the server is not reachable, the app will search for new Squeezeboxes forever, finding nothing! ###Add your Squeezeboxes As with all devices in Homey, you should add your Squeezeboxes on the ZONES AND DEVICES page. Just click the + in the appropriate room and choose Squeezebox from the device type window. You can then pick any of the Squeezeboxes that are registered with your Logitech Media Server. ##App Status This is an ALPHA release. A lot of people are waiting on the app but unfortunately I do not have time to implement everything just yet due to personal commitments. I want people to get benefit as early as possible, so here it is in an early form. There is a lot more that I would like to add. Once I have more time (post 19th September) I will aim to do this. ##Feature Requests If there is anything you would really like to have sooner rather than later then please raise an issue in the GitHub repository so that we can track it and others can +1 their favourites. I will add a few features myself in the next few weeks so that you can see what I have in mind. ##App Store Ratings I’d ask you to either rate the app based on the features that are present (not what is missing) or withhold your ratings until we’re out of alpha. Bad ratings now probably won’t help when the app does eventually come out of alpha! Having said that, hopefully you won’t find anything to rate badly as what’s there should work reasonably well. ##Help If you need any assistance then please feel free to drop me a message on Slack (in the athom community) or via Twitter @marktudor. I’ll be happy to help!

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