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Read and writes to Rfxcom devices

Read and writes to Rfxcom devices 12-11-2017 complete rewrite to sdk2 left app settings these are not evolved like the devices , made devices of rfxcom transceivers, receivers and transmitters 22-12-2017 first admission to github beta version rfxtrx receiving put off x10 works on lan sending and receiving TEMPHUM works app still in design fase 30-12-2017 combined drivers lan rfxcom devices and rfxtrx devices in driver rfxcom visonic sensor devices door and movement and contact are available and report their status x10 ms13e on/off and dim works on lan and rfxtrx sending on/off commands possible rfxtrx and lan , dim and bright also on lan andrfxtrx each RfxCom device can be stopped receiving an sending data via settings 16-02-2018 all visonic devices security are placed under the slave driver , for first inclusion of type of device in the slave driver which should include all devices in the future as class extended by master driver added last read time sensors in settings device made THB sensor work in oregon driver added Eldat Rx09 Easywave usb stick which receives Easywave Rf on a pi 3 as virtual rfxcom device to make the pi usbserial driver work with the Eldat Rx09 usbstick see https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/78908/eldat-easywave-usbserial-device-not-detected/79020#79020 to adapt the pi 3 for serial to net communication with Athom Homey https://github.com/nattlip/pi.node.serial2net added Faak rollershutter Easywave device working with the Eldat Rx09 27-02-2018 deleted temphum driver, incorperated it in overall oregon driver added supprt for oregon temp , rain and uv devices, so functionality is same as orgeon app added flow trigger for received X10 on off commands 23-08-2018 added new forum link 27-01-2019 made app Homey firmware V2 compliant, a lot changed in the pairing code V2 and icons still dont behave on android 28-01-2019 fixed a bug in socketclient 23-02-2019 fixed that not more then one usb device could be reached on a Rapberry pi, now multiple connections are possible with pi, or an ip in general (usefull in portforwarding) 15-03-2019 fixed two bugs which could led to crashes, receiving a somfy signal and adding remotes for somfys, somfy is not implemented in app , but rfxtrx receives the commands. 22-03-2019 fixed bug which could led to crashes, receiving a somfy signal and adding remotes for somfys, somfy is not implemented in app , but rfxtrx receives the commands. Donate If you like the app, consider buying me a Homey Pro ! [Paypal donate]

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