Simple LOG

Niels de Klerk

Use this app for simple logging.

This app makes it possible to add some logging to your flow’s. It is simple in every way. it’s simple to use and it’s simple in terms of code. The donation button below contains more code then the app itself. ;-) Features - Use the log activity card, and add some text to the log. - Use the log activity card, and add some text to the log while tagging a group name. - Clear your log. - View your log in the app settings. - the log view will refresh when a new line of text is added to the log. - within the homey app you can view the log in CSV format. - within the developer tools you can download the log in CSV format. -> API The folowing API endpoints can be used: - GET /api/app/nl.nielsdeklerk.log - PUT /api/app/nl.nielsdeklerk.log/addlog {“log”: “Test 1,2,3”, “group”: “TEST”} - GET /api/app/nl.nielsdeklerk.log/clearlog HISTORY Version 2.4.1 - re-added the clear log button in settings. (Dragg screen to left.) - re-added the CSV button. (Now shows in-app as CSV format text) - while using the CSV button at will download the log in CSV format. Version 2.4.0 - Added posibility to add logging to the timeline (visible on homescreen v2 App). - changed setting appearance. Version 2.3.0 - updated app for v2.0 - removed CSV download (doesn’t work inside the gen2 app) Version 2.2.2 - removed csv button Version 2.2.1 - Added Community ID. Version 2.2.0 - Added API: get log feature. GET http:///api/app/nl.nielsdeklerk.log/ to get all logging. - Added new card to provide a group name for the logging. - Added Limit of 2000 Logging entries. Newer log entries will remove the oldest. Version 2.1.0 - Added function to switch between font sizes. Version 2.0.0 - API Support, Now you can simply log from anywhere. send a HTTP PUT with format: {“log”: “Test 1,2,3”, “group”: “TEST”} to: http:///api/app/nl.nielsdeklerk.log/addlog - log now stored as objects (Date/time, Group, Log data) (group is for future usage.) - Appv2 support, who doesn’t love to view log file’s on a mobile device. - download log as CSV, “;” seperated. - Added action card to Remove log data older then # day’s. Version 1.0.0 - Now using SDKv2. - Added Date to logging. - Added Time to logging. - Ability to show or hide Date. - Ability to show or hide Time. - Ability to disable Autorefresh. Version 0.0.5 - Fixed a Typo. Version 0.0.4 - Repaired the clear button. - Added a download button. - Added action card to clear log data.


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