Lights & sockets monitor

Harrie de Groot

Manage your lights & sockets in a simple overview

With this app you can get an overview of the current state off your lights & sockets. Quickly find your devices, modify brightness and turn on/off all lights in a room with a single click. Functionality Just adds an app settings page with all light & socket devices: - Manage all lights per zone/room - Turn lights & sockets on/off - Adjust brightness - Search/filter devices - Show/hide devices - Grouped control Future - Modify brightness for all devices in a zone - Reorder devices & zones Change Log 2.0.7 - Fixed the hiding of devices when not in config mode - Renamed app to: Lights & sockets monitor. 2.0.6 - Added German translation - Fix for switching all lights in a room - Athom api upgrade (2.1.178) 2.0.5 - Added config to show/hide devices - Display 0 brightness (slider) if device is ‘off’ - Update zone switches when toggling devices - BUG fix in error handling of api calls 2.0.4 - Skip alert when unable to fetch device data - Updated readme 2.0.3 - Athom api upgrade - Styling fixes 2.0.2 - Search devices & zones 2.0.1 - Grouped lights & sockets per zone - Manage lights & sockets per zone/room - Order by name 2.0.0 - Initial version - Turn lights on/off - Adjust brightness Final note The repository is available at: If you want to contribute, just create a pull-request and I will take a look! Do you like this app? Consider a donation to support development. [Donate]


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This app can manage your entire Homey.

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