Somfy TaHoma & Connexoon

Adrian Rockall

Somfy TaHoma & Connexoon for Homey

With this app it's possible to connect your Somfy TaHoma or Connexoon box to Homey and control your scenarios and IO homecontrol devices / sensors directly from Homey. Supported devices / services with most common parameters: * IO vertical exterior blinds * IO roller shutters * IO horizontal awnings * IO exterior venetian blinds * Velux IO roof windows * Velux IO blinds * Velux IO roller shutters * Sunis wirefree IO sensor * Thermis wirefree IO sensor * Opening Detector IO sensor * TaHoma scenarios * Somfy One Alarm * Outdoor Camera Light Controller * Enocean Window Handle (requires Enocean USB module) * Somfy receiver IZYMO io shutter * IO motion sensor * IO vertical interior blind * IO garage door * IO horizontal awnings with silent mode * RTS interior curtains * RTS interior vertical blind * RTS interior venetian blind Suggestions or problems? If you have a suggestion or a problem with this app please go to the forum or the github page linked on this page and let me know.
What's new in v2.1.33
Fixed Motion has changed trigger error.

Supported devices

Exterior vertical blind (io)
Exterior venetian blind (io)
Exterior horizontal awning (io)
Roller shutter (io)
Roller shutter Quiet (io)
Velux roller shutter(io)
Velux roof window (io)
Velux interior blind (io)
Sunis sun sensor (io)
Temperature Sensor (io)
Opening Detector (io)
Occupancy Detector (io)
Window Handle (SecuSignal)
One Alarm & Somfy Home Keeper
Light Controllers
Venetian blind (RTS)
Interior Blind (RTS)
Interior Curtain (RTS)
Interior Blind (io)
Garage Door (io)
Garage Door Partial (io)
Pergola (io)
Light, Dimmable
Light, White Temperature
Light, Colour + Temperature
Open / Close (RTS)
On / Off (RTS & io)
Pilot Wire Programmer
Smoke Detector


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