Petter Ruud

Support IoT devices/controllers using Scinan api. Add thermostats from Saswell, Prosmart and other brands thats are using the Scinan API.

Scinan Support wifi climate controllers using the Scinan API Supported Devices These two are the ones I know of as I have them myself. There are probably more devices supported. Open a issue and I'll try to find out. Saswell - SAS920FHL-7W-WIFI Prosmart - PST50W Supported features - [x] Turn On/Off - [x] Set Away/Home - [x] View/Set target temperature - [x] View mesured tempature - [x] View/Set mode (Comfort, Day or Night or Auto) - [ ] Program Supported Languages: - English - Norwegian
What's new in v1.0.7
fixing bug that made the app crash in som cases

Supported devices

Saswell SAS920FHL-7W-WIFI
Profag PST50W


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