Osram Lightify (ZigBee)

Athom B.V.

Control your Osram Lightify bulbs (ZigBee) with Homey!

Osram Lightify (ZigBee) Control your Osram Lightify devices with Homey using ZigBee! Note: the App using the bridge will no longer be supported and eventually removed. Please use this App to control your devices directly using ZigBee. Changelog 1.3.1 - Fixes Energy issue 1.3.0 - Added support for Energy 1.2.8 - Added product id for E27 RGBW Multicolor 1.2.7 - Added product id for GU10 bulbs 1.2.4 - Added product id for Lightify Flex (outdoor) 1.2.3 - Update icons of Gardenpoles 1.2.2 - Added support for Gardenpole RGBW and Gardenpole Mini RGBW - Added support for Classic E27 Tunable White - Added support for Classic E27 Multicolor - Added support for Classic E27 Dimmable White 1.2.1 - Added productId for Lightify Flex - Added Gardenspot Mini RGB support 1.1.0 - Added GU10 RGBW spot, GU10 White spot and E14 White bulb 1.0.8 - Added product id for Lightify Plug

Supported devices

Plug (ZigBee)
RGBW Bulb E27 (ZigBee)
RGBW Spot GU10 (ZigBee)
Gardenpole RGBW (ZigBee)
Gardenpole Mini RGBW (ZigBee)
Gardenspot Mini RGB (ZigBee)
Flex RGBW (ZigBee)
Tunable White Bulb E27 (ZigBee)
Tunable White Bulb E14 (ZigBee)
Tunable White Spot GU10 (ZigBee)
Dimmable White Bulb E27 (ZigBee)


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