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iRobot Roomba support for Homey

This app adds support for the Roomba vacuum cleaners to Homey. While the only officially supported device is the Roomba 980, the app seems to work with quite a lot of other Roomba vacuumcleaners. Supported functionality: - Starting or stopping the Roomba - Sending the Roomba to the dock - Checking the battery status - Checking the current cleaning activity Unsupported functionality: - When controlling the Roomba via other devices than Homey, the changed state will not be send to Homey. - Spot cleaning: the Roomba only supports Spot Cleaning by pressing the button. It is not possible to remotely start Spot Cleaning. Version history - 2.0.4: Updated code base - 2.0.3: Fixed a bug which could result in not discovering a Roomba - 2.0.2: Fixed memory leak caused by reconnection logic - 2.0.1: Added debouncing logic to Roomba state reports, this should fix issues where the Roomba looped through all states in Homey. - 2.0.0: Restructure of the application, this should improve overall stability - 1.0.4: Updated compatibility value to ensure compatibility with future Homey updates - 1.0.1: Added support for multiple Roombas, fixed some bugs. - 1.0.0: Initial release

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