Secure / Horstmann

Patrick van der Westen

Secure / Horstmann devices for Homey

This app adds support for Secure / Horstmann devices. If you like the work, please help me buy a stroller for my future kid :D If updating from V0.0.2 to V0.0.3 the units have to be re-added On local change, Target temperature in Homey is updated immediatly, On target change in Homey, Target is updated after wake-up of the Thermostat ##Currently supported devices: * HRT4-ZW * SRT321 * SRT323 * SSR303 * SES302 * SES303 ##Not Working: * Status changed of the boiler unit (so not visible in Homey, when turned on/ off by thermostat ##Changelog: 0.1.4 * SRT323 was seen as SRT321. Now has is own ID. 0.1.3 * Add settings for 302 and 303 into drivers, * Changed comment for settings * Changed default values for settings 0.1.2 * Added Settings for Temperature/humidity Sensor SES303 * Added Settings for Temperature Sensor SES302 0.1.1 * Added Temperature/humidity Sensor SES303 0.1.0 * Added Device ID for other version of HRT4-ZW, called SSR303 * Added Temperature Sensor SES302 0.0.3 * Set target temperature on SRT321 * Receive target temperature on local change SRT321 0.0.2 * First Functionality for HRT4-ZW * First Functionality for SRT321 * Battery and Actual temp status, * turn on/off boiler unit 0.0.1 * First version

Supported devices

SRT323 Thermostat
SRT321 Thermostat
SES302 Temperature Sensor
SES303 Temperature/Humidity Sensor
HRT4ZW Boiler control switch


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