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Start of May Development Blog — Homey Pro (Early 2023) 

Welcome to the Development Blog series of Homey Pro (Early 2023). In these series we'll share updates around the next generation Homey Pro until all pre-orders have been fulfilled.

Shipping Status

Power Adapters

All affected customers have received an e-mail about their free power adapter option by now. If you haven't yet, please contact our support team to get your replacement. You can recognise the old adapter by '5V' on the label. It should read '5.2V'.

All currently shipped Homey Pros come with the new power adapter.

Shipping Estimates

These are the shipping estimates based on the order numbers. Please do take them with a grain of salt, as we know that many things in the entire chain can lead to delays. And once we've shipped your parcel, it's really up to the carrier and customs to deliver it to you.

Orders up to #61981
All orders until #61981 are shipped.

Orders #61982 — #69919
These orders will start to leave our warehouse next week. There's quite a lot of packages so please keep that in mind.

Orders #69920 — #75843
These orders are expected to start shipping from our warehouse in two weeks. We had a slight delay due to one component arriving late.

Orders #75843 — Today
Our factory expects to get the last components, including the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, this week, which is a few weeks later than initially hoped for. We expect to be able to start production in two weeks, which would mean we start shipping early June. This is still pending the delivery of some last components though, so this is not yet definitive.

Software Status

If you've kept an eye on the Homey Pro Changelog, you might've already noticed the high number of updates we've been rolling out. The type of issues we're seeing are now changing from major to minor, so Homey Pro is getting quite ready for a first stable release.

The brand new iOS & Android app is also scheduled to roll out publicly this month, so everyone can enjoy an upgraded Homey experience on their smartphones & tablets.

For the current status of the software, you can always visit the Homey Pro Early Access page.

Until the next update, and a big thanks to everyone who has contributed by reporting their experience with us!

— Emile, Founder & Creative Director

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