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Homey Pro 399 In stock Homey Pro Backups (12 Months) 10 In stock Philips Hue Ensis 375 Sold elsewhere Neato BotVac D7 Connected 399 Sold elsewhere Sonos One Black 229 In stock Philips Hue White & Color Starter kit 189 In stock Innr Filament Lamp Edison 19 Out of stock IKEA TRÅDFRI Wireless Dimmer 7 Sold elsewhere IKEA TRÅDFRI Remote Control 15.01 Sold elsewhere IKEA TRÅDFRI Dimmable bulb E27 9 Sold elsewhere Philips Hue Motion Sensor 40 In stock Google Chromecast 40 Sold elsewhere Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2 49.95 In stock Netatmo Weather Station 159 In stock Nuki Lock + Bridge 269 In stock Alecto ADB-17 20 Sold elsewhere Xiaomi Aqara Magic Cube 27 In stock KlikAanKlikUit Switch Set 27 In stock Nanoleaf Hexagons 15 panels 299 Sold elsewhere IKEA KADRILJ Roller blind 119 Sold elsewhere Fibaro Wall Plug 2 59 In stock Danalock Lock + Cylinder 199 Out of stock Foscam FI9900EP 110 Out of stock Eurotronic Spirit 45.01 In stock Aeotec Multisensor 6 59 In stock Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) 50 In stock Bosch Stand-alone Dishwasher 859 Sold elsewhere Auping Smart base 2M 1200 Sold elsewhere Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay M5 Black 579 Sold elsewhere Bosch Free-standing fridge-freezer 1089.01 Sold elsewhere Bosch Wall-Mounted Cooker Hood 1154.99 Sold elsewhere Bosch Washing Machine 774 Sold elsewhere DoorBird Video Doorbell Full HD (D1101V) 486.99 In stock DoorBird Video Doorbell (D101S) 379 In stock Dyson Pure Cool Tower Wit 599 Sold elsewhere Fibaro Dimmer 2 59 In stock Fibaro Double Switch 59 In stock Fibaro Flood Sensor 59 In stock Fibaro Intro Kit 199 Out of stock Fibaro Keyfob 49 In stock Fibaro Multisensor 57.99 In stock Fibaro RGBW Controller 2 59 In stock Fibaro Smart Implant 45.01 In stock Fibaro Heat Controller 80 In stock Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 52 In stock Fibaro Smoke Detector 2 59 In stock Fibaro The Button (Red) 50 In stock Fibaro Walli Dimmer 77 In stock Fibaro Walli Switch 77 In stock Flower Care Plant Pot 49.95 Sold elsewhere Flower Care Plant Sensor 19.95 Sold elsewhere Forest Shuttle Motorized Curtains 545 Sold elsewhere Gardena Sileno Smart Life 750 1160 Sold elsewhere Gardena Smart Power Adapter 60 Out of stock Gardena Smart Water Control Set 200 Sold elsewhere Goodwe Single Phase Inverter 3000W 525 Sold elsewhere Google Nest Hub 90 Sold elsewhere Homey Stickers (Pack of 10) 10 In stock Homey V-Neck T-Shirt (L) 35.01 In stock Homey V-Neck T-Shirt (M) 35.01 In stock Homey V-Neck T-Shirt (S) 35.01 In stock Honeywell evohome Radiator Extension 79 Out of stock Honeywell evohome Thermostat 525 Out of stock IKEA FYRTUR Blackout roller blind 140 Sold elsewhere IKEA TRÅDFRI Ceiling lamp GUNNARP 90 Sold elsewhere IKEA TRÅDFRI Dimmable Filament-bulb 13 Sold elsewhere IKEA TRÅDFRI Dimmable spot GU10 7 Sold elsewhere IKEA TRÅDFRI Dimmable spotlight LEPTITER 20 Sold elsewhere IKEA TRÅDFRI Light panel FLOALT 130 Sold elsewhere IKEA/Sonos SYMFONISK 100 Sold elsewhere Innr Color bulb E27 34.94 In stock Innr Comfort Duopack 30.58 In stock Innr Dimmable spot GU10 19.95 Out of stock Innr Outdoor Spot Lights 3x RGBW 135 In stock Innr Outdoor Flex 2m RGBW 60 In stock Innr Outdoor Flex 4m RGBW 100 In stock Innr Flex - Colored LED Strip 69 In stock Innr Outdoor Pedestal Light 3x RGBW 160 In stock KlikAanKlikUit Door/Window sensor 19.95 Out of stock KlikAanKlikUit Doorbell ACDB-7000A 16 Sold elsewhere Frient Door/Window Sensor Pro 30 In stock Frient Heat Alarm 50 In stock Frient Motion Sensor Pro 34.99 Out of stock Frient Smart Cable 47 In stock Frient Smart Plug Mini 37.99 In stock Frient Smoke Detector 42 In stock Frient Water Leak Detector 42 In stock KlikAanKlikUit Remote 19.95 In stock KlikAanKlikUit Roller Shutter 32.95 In stock KlikAanKlikUit Switch Set 29.95 In stock KlikAanKlikUit Wall Switch 17.99 Sold elsewhere KNX Kit for Homey 170 In stock Homey Pro Smart Home Security Kit 449 Out of stock LG WebOS TV 499 Sold elsewhere Nanoleaf Canvas 199 Sold elsewhere Nanoleaf Light Panels Rhythm Edition 199 Sold elsewhere Neo Coolcam Door/Window Sensor 34.94 In stock Neo Coolcam Flood Sensor 37.95 Out of stock Neo Coolcam Motion Sensor 40 In stock Neo Coolcam SOS knop 35.01 In stock Nest Mini 50 In stock Netatmo Healthy Home Coach 99 In stock Netatmo Indoor Module 69 Out of stock Netatmo Presence 299 In stock Netatmo Radiator Valve Starterpack 199 In stock Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell 300 In stock Netatmo Radiator Valve 79 In stock Netatmo Rain Gauge 79 In stock Netatmo Thermostat 165 Out of stock Netatmo Welcome 179 In stock LOQED Touch Smart Lock 349 Sold elsewhere Nuki Opener 99 Out of stock Omnik Single Phase Inverter 1000W 329 Sold elsewhere Philips Hue Dimmer Switch 24.94 Out of stock Philips Hue Go V2 79 In stock Philips Hue Lightstrip Outdoor 2 Meter 89 In stock Philips Hue Lucca Sokkellamp Laag 99 Sold elsewhere Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor 49.95 In stock Philips Hue Smart button 20 Sold elsewhere Philips Hue Smart Plug EU 30 In stock Philips Hue Sync Box 250 Sold elsewhere Philips Hue White & Color Starter kit GU10 169 In stock Plugwise Anna Thermostat 109 In stock Plugwise Smile P1 99 In stock Qubino Flush Shutter 59 In stock Qubino Luxy Light 130 In stock Qubino Luxy Switch 150 In stock Qubino Mini Dimmer 65.01 In stock Qubino Smart Plug 16A 59 In stock Qubino Switch 59 In stock Remotec Scene Master 49.95 In stock Rituals Perfume Genie 99 Sold elsewhere Samsung TV 399 Sold elsewhere Siemens Built-in Dishwasher 817 Sold elsewhere Siemens Built-in Oven 45cm 1119 Sold elsewhere Siemens Built-in Oven 60cm 1369 Sold elsewhere Siemens Built-in smart fridge-freezer 999.01 Sold elsewhere Siemens EQ9+ S500 Home Connect 1699 Sold elsewhere Siemens Tumble Dryer 799 Sold elsewhere Slide 299 In stock SolarEdge Three Phase Inverter 5000W 1295.01 Sold elsewhere Somfy Altus 50 RTS 185 Sold elsewhere Sonos Beam Black 449 Out of stock Sonos Five Black 579 Out of stock Sonos Five White 579 Out of stock Sonos Sub Black 799 In stock Tado Smart Thermostat V3+ Starter Pack 329 Sold elsewhere Tesla Model S 71540 Sold elsewhere Tesla Model X 99670 Sold elsewhere Volvo V60 50000 Sold elsewhere Withings Body 64 Sold elsewhere Withings BPM Connect 99 Sold elsewhere Withings Sleep Tracking Mat 99 Sold elsewhere HomeWizard Wi-Fi P1 Meter 30 Sold elsewhere Withings Thermo 99 Sold elsewhere Xiaomi Aqara Curtain Motor 79 Sold elsewhere Xiaomi Aqara Door/Window sensor 19 In stock Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor 22.50 In stock Xiaomi Aqara Smart Plug 30 Out of stock Xiaomi Aqara LED Light Bulb (E27 Tuneable) 20 In stock Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Remote (Double Switch) 29 Out of stock Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Remote (Mini Switch) 17.99 In stock








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