Philips TV

Lucas van der Have

Control your Philips TV's via Jointspace, supporting models ~2014 to 2019

This app adds support for Philips TV's models ranging from ~2014 up to 2019 using the Jointspace protocol. Older models might need to manually enable this. Flow card actions that are currently available: - Turn on/off (device must have WOL enabled to turn on after long period of time) - Set volume - Mute/unmute volume - Send a key (send any key from your remote to the TV) - Open an app (only available from Android TV models) Flow card triggers that will soon be available: - Turned on/off - Volume changed - Open application changed Flow card actions that will soon be available: - Turn ambilight on/off - Turn ambilight + Hue on/off - Turn screen off --- ## Known issues There are still some unresolved issues in the pairing process which is required for ~2016+ models. I'm still looking into these. Another issue that I'm working on is that the app doesn't update the device's state after a while. Because of this Flow card triggers like "Turned on/off" don't always work. If you're experiencing pairing issues or other bugs, please refer to the forum.
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Philips Television


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