Swedish Weather Forecast

Johan Bendz

Weather information and prognoses for Sweden

This app adds support for Weather Data in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Included devices/features: - 0-36 hours of Weather Forecast based on Homey geolocation. - 0-3 days of Pollen Level Forecast based on choosen Swedish city. - 0-2 days of Pollen Level Forecast based on choosen Norwegian city. Weather Forecast Data - in English Settings: Select a point in time for forecasts (hours ahead). Pollen Level Data - Two devices, one for Sweden and one for Norway (local languages) Settings: Select a city from the list to have 3 day Pollen Level forecast for Sweden and a 2 day Pollen Level forecast for Norway. Feedback: - Please post requests in the Swedish Weather Forecast topic on the Athom Community forum. - Please report any problems concerning the code in the issues section on Github.

Ondersteunde apparaten

Swedish Weather Forecast from SMHI
Swedish Pollen Forecast
Norwegian Pollen Forecast


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