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Virtual thermostat and humidity controller

Add a virtual thermostat to a zone with a temperature sensor and it will turn on / off heaters in the same zone. The virtual thermostat will start operating when the target temperature has been set. Use a door/window sensor in the same zone to automatically turn off the heater on a contact alarm. This can be enabled with the 'Turn off if contact alarm' - checkbox in 'Advanced settings'. Add a virtual humidity controller to a zone with a humidity sensor and it will turn on / off fans in the same zone. Fans will turn on if the humidity is larger than the target humidity, and off if less than the target humidity. For humidifiers the logic can be inverted, by selecting the 'Invert for humidifier' - checkbox in 'Advanced settings'.
What's new in v1.2.3
Added 'Newest' as calculation method for temperature and humidity. Handle adding several devices at the same time. Updated Athom api.

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