Homey Pro (Early 2023) is now available in Early Access

Homey Premium

Unlimited devices, Homey Insights,
Logic & Variables for just NZ$ 4.49/mo.

Unlimited Devices

Go beyond the 5 devices limit. Complete your smart home and connect an unlimited amount of devices at home.

homey-premium / devices / lock
Philips Hue Go
homey-premium / devices / lock
Motion Sensor
homey-premium / devices / lock
Energy Monitor
homey-premium / devices / lock
Sonos One
homey-premium / devices / lock
IKEA Trådfri E27
homey-premium / devices / lock
Perfume Genie
homey-premium / devices / lock
homey-premium / devices / lock
Home Coach
homey-premium / devices / lock
Smart Lock

Homey Insights

Your devices gather a lot of valuable information like temperature, air humidity, luminosity, CO2-levels, power consumption and so much more.

Homey Insights collects all of this data so you always know what’s happening in and around the house.

Honeywell Thermostat
Netatmo Weather Station
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Logic & Variables

Create complex Flows using variables such as numbers, texts and booleans. Combined with Logic Flow-cards, you can boost your automations to the next level for the most advanced smart home.

Temperature Power Usage Air Humidity CO Level Luminosity Artwork Camera Time Date Sunrise Birthday Asleep Tamper Sunny

Join Premium.

Open the Homey app on your mobile device and subscribe to Homey Premium for just NZ$ 4.49/mo.

Works great with
Homey Bridge.

433 MHz

Extend Homey Premium with Homey Bridge for just NZ$ 119 and receive 3 months of Homey Premium for free.

Discover Homey Bridge


Does everyone in my household need to subscribe to Homey Premium?

Only the owner of the Homey needs to subscribe to Homey Premium, for the entire household to enjoy the benefits.

Can I try Homey Premium for free?

Absolutely! There is a one-month free trial of Homey Premium available. Simply start your subscription in the Homey app under More → Homey Premium and your first month will be free.

What happens when I cancel my Homey Premium subscription?

You can cancel your Homey Premium subscription at any time. On the next billing period, your home goes back to the free tier. Your most recently added devices will become locked, until you resume your Homey Premium subscription again.

Your Homey Insights will still be kept for some time, but will be eventually removed when you do not resume your subscription.

Can I still access Homey Insights when I cancel my subscription?

Access to Homey Insights requires an active Homey Premium subscription. Devices won’t save their data to Homey Insights while there is no active Homey Premium subscription.

Do I need Homey Premium to use Homey Bridge?

While Homey Bridge includes three free months of Homey Premium, Homey Bridge works fine without an active Homey Premium subscription. The usual limits, such as 5 devices, still apply. Note that Homey Bridge itself does of course not count as one of five devices.

What happens to my Flows with locked devices after I stopped my subscription?

Locked devices due to an expired Homey Premium subscription won’t start Flows, and cannot be used in a Flow, until you resume your Homey Premium subscription. Some Flows might therefore stop working altogether.

Which apps can I use in combination with Homey Premium?

You can install any app that is available for Homey with or without an active Homey Premium subscription.