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Automate Spotify with Homey. Start a playlist, listen to your favorite artist, and pause when you leave home. Please note that: — Due to Spotify's Web API limitations, control is only available with Flow. — Sonos users should install the Sonos app to control their Sonos devices. — Chromecast devices are not supported due to a limitation on Google's end.
What's new in v5.2.0
Added 'Repair' option.
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Spotify Connect

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Next track
Pause everywhere
Previous track
Spotify Connect
Spotify Connect
Spotify Connect
Spotify Connect
Spotify Connect
Shuffle on
Spotify Connect
Shuffle off
Spotify Connect
Repeat ...
Spotify Connect
Set volume to %
Spotify Connect
Play on this device
Spotify Connect
Play a Playlist ...
Spotify Connect
Play a Track ...
Spotify Connect
Play an Artist ...
Spotify Connect
Play an Album ...


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