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Going away on Holiday? Here are some tips to secure your home.

Going away on Holiday? Here are some tips to secure your home.

Planning your holiday can be stressful. Did you bring the essentials? Toiletries? Check. Camping equipment? Check. Kids? Check.

If you get through the phase of packing your car to the extent that it looks like you've just stripped your house without it ending in marital problems, you're halfway there. And then, when the holiday-expedition is well underway, you suddenly get that itchy feeling.

'Did I close the attic window?' 'Did I remember to turn down the thermostat?' 'What if somebody tries to break into my house?'

Pack your car for holiday

No one wants to spend their time off stressing out about whether or not their home is secure. So, instead of asking your neighbours to continuously text you with updates, keep an eye on your home in real time with Homey.

Monitor everything with sensors

Placing sensors throughout your home will help you take your security system to the next level. There is a wide range of sensors that can talk with Homey. Get alerted automatically when something moves in or around your home. Easily see what windows and doors are open or closed in the Homey Smartphone App. Get notified on your smartphone when your doors or windows suddenly open. By doing so, you won't have to turn the car around to double-check if you did in fact close the windows. Enjoy a peaceful holiday!

See if your windows are closed on your Homey App

Remote controlled lightning

If your home remains dark for long periods of time, it could attract attention of thieves. Burglars target homes that don't look lived in. Thankfully, you can connect your smart lights to Homey. This allows you to turn your lights on and off remotely. With Homey Flows you can even schedule lights to activate randomly throughout the day to make your home seem more lived in. We've talked about making a simulation presence before, which essentially makes your home 'alive' when you're not present.

Peaceful Holiday with Homey

Control everything while on Holiday

While Homey's Flow Editor takes home automation to the next level, allowing your devices to work off one another, Homey also offers features that are amazingly simple yet amazingly effective. Easily control your thermostat from anywhere in the world with your Homey Smartphone App, turn off devices you forgot to turn off when leaving home, and always be in the loop of what's happening to your home when you're not there.

Control your devices wherever you are with the Homey App

Everything connected

Don't have a lot of 'smart home' products? No worries. Because of Homey's broad set of onboard connectors, more than 40.000 devices talk with Homey. Even your analog devices can be paired to Homey's system. This way, everyone can make their home smarter. It doesn't matter where you are - down the street, across town, in a different country or half way around the world - you'll always have the peace of mind that your house is taken care off. Find out more about the endless possibilities with Homey.


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