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Announcing Homey Flow for Web

Announcing Homey Flow for Web

Today we announce Homey Flow for Web, a full-featured desktop experience for creating and managing your Flows on Mac and PC.

Since Homey v2.0 our goal has been to create a beautiful mobile-first experience to put the greatest smart home experience in the hands of everyone. It has become easier than ever to manage and control your devices, share access to your family and manage your Flows.

Yet for some experiences a mobile phone isn't always ideal. For example, Homey Insights works better on a large screen, so those beautiful charts of your home truly come to live. And we found that for a small group of users this was also the case with Homey Flow.

So we set out to build a great experience for managing your Flows on desktop, complementary to the Flow experience in the mobile Homey app. It's easier than ever to be creative with the devices in your home by connecting them in your own way.

Whether you prefer to work with a traditional keyboard & mouse, or have many complex Flows, you can now enjoy a full-screen experience to automate your home like never before.

And when you're on the go or don't want to sit behind a computer, you can easily manage your Flows from the Homey app on your smartphone.

We believe Homey Flow for Web is a great addition to the rapidly growing number of Homey users that prefer to use Homey in their own way.

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