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Introducing Moods

Capture your lights. Set the mood.

Today, we are introducing Moods, a new way to capture your smart home lights.

With Moods, you can quickly capture your lights' current colors or choose from a wide range of beautiful presets.

After selecting lights for your Mood, you can start it from the Home tab under Favorite Moods or under the Devices tab, both in the mobile app & web app.


Of course, any mood can be started from a Flow. For example, at a certain time, when someone comes home, when pressing a button, or based on a sensor.

Additionally, a Flow can be made such that when a Mood starts, the Flow also starts with it. This enables even more flexibility to let other device types respond. For example, when a Mood called Movie Time starts, the curtains close and the TV turns on.

Voice Assistants

Moods can be started from Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant. For example, to start a Mood called "Movie Time", say "Alexa, start Movie Time" or "Hey Google, start Movie Time". Ensure to re-sync first by saying "Alexa, discover devices" or "Hey Google, sync my devices."


Moods are now available on the Homey service (both Free and Premium) and Homey Pro (Early 2023), starting Homey Pro v11.0 and the Homey app v8.2.

Customers owning Homey Pro (2016 — 2019) will later this year have the option to unlock Moods for a one-time purchase of € 10.

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