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Five Flows To Impress Your Friends

Five Flows To Impress Your Friends

Let's keep it simple this time, shall we.

Flow 1: One Button Party

It takes only one button to start a party, but great friends to keep it going. (That's a Fibaro Button by the way.)

Flow 2: Turn everything off when leaving home

Leaving home with the TV and lights on certainly raises some questions.

Them: Dude, shouldn't you turn off those lights? You know, saving the environment and stuff.
You: Err, Homey turns 'em off automatically... dude.

Flow 3: Motorized Curtains

Stuff that moves is always cool. That's all there's to it.

Flow 4: Show-off from the street

You: You see that house over there? That's where I live!
Her: Uhm, where exactly?
You: Hold my beer.

Flow 5: Simple can be magical

We Homey users really love to make complicated, rube-goldberg-machine-like stuff. But sometimes simple is enough to impress.

Just let your friends play with the Homey app and let them be amazed.

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