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Control your sound at home

Control your Onkyo network-enabled receiver using the Homey by Athom B.V. Some Pioneer receivers will also work. Features * Gerenal settings for: * IPaddress * Port (typical ports used are 60128, 8102 or 23) * Maximum volume settings (Maximum volume that will be send to receiver and slider scaling) * Volumestep (for the VolumeUp+ and VolumeDown- on the devicecard(s)) * Receiver volumestep (some receivers do 0,5 volume steps instead of normal 1 steps) Sererate devicecards for main zone, zone2 and zone3 (main zone is mandatory) Capabiltys on devicecards: * On/off * Mute on/off * Volumeslider (scaling with the Maximum volume setting) * Volumeup (with volumestep setting) * Volumedown (with volumestep setting) * Input Flowtrggers: * power on * power off * volume change * Receive custom command (general flow) Flowconditions * Turned on / off Flowactions * Turn on * Turn off * Toggle on/off * Set volume to. * Mute the volume * Unmute te volume * Turn the volume down * Turn the volume up * Send custom command (general flow) * Send RAW EISCP command (general flow) More info on https://community.athom.com/t/app-onkyo-receiver-3-2-8/30554
What's new in v3.3.3
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