Temperature monitor

Harrie de Groot

Keep track of the temperature readings of your devices

With this app you can monitor the temperature readings of all your devices. Functionality Just adds an app settings page with all devices and their temperature readings: - Adjust target temperature - Calculates mean room temperature - Search/filter devices - Show/hide devices Change Log 2.0.7 - Fixed the hiding of devices when not in config mode - Resolved an issue where moving sliders resulted in selecting text on iOS devices 2.0.6 - Added config to show/hide devices - Added German translation - BUG fix in error handling of api calls - Athom api upgrade (2.1.178) 2.0.5 - small styling fix - updated readme 2.0.4 - Added custom device temperatures 2.0.3 - Added mean zone temperature calculation - Styling 2.0.2 - Added search - Grouped devices by zone/room - Ordered devices & zones by name - Improved live updates 2.0.1 - Set target value - Live updates - Read units from capability info 2.0.0 - Initial version Final note The repository is available at: https://github.com/harriedegroot/nl.hdg.climate If you want to contribute, just create a pull-request and I will take a look! Do you like this app? Consider a donation to support development. [Donate]


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