Xiaomi Mi Home

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Control Xiaomi Mi Home devices using Homey

Use Homey to control Xiaomi Mi Home devices (the Mi Home Ecosystem is also branded as MiJia). Xiaomi does not officialy support controlling these devices from outside the Mi Home app. This means that additional steps are needed for pairing these devices with Homey that require technical knowledge. Also be aware that Xiaomi can make changes to it's eco system at any time resulting in Homey not being able to control these devices anymore. GOOD NEWS Added the ability to control Zigbee devices of Xiaomi gateway that do not require internet and Mi cloud. There are no restrictions on the number of connected Zigbee devices, since you can have multiple Mi Gateway devices and distribute all Zigbee devices between them. When you connect more than 20 devices directly to Homey, some problems and delays may occur. All scripts are processed, especially in Homey, without using Xiaomi servers. When connecting Xiaomi, there is no need to delete them also from the Mihome application. since there are no contradictions between the existing scenarios either. IMPORTANT Support for Yeelights within this app has been deprecated. Yeelights are now supported through a dedicated app available in the app store. Please migrate your Yeelights to the new Yeelight app. Please visit the support topic for supported devices, installation instructions and further details.
What's new in v3.0.5
Added support for Aqara wall switch with neutral single/double button, wirelles wall single/double switches.

Appareils pris en charge

Philips Lights
Philips Eyecare Lamp
Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaners
Mi Air Purifiers
Mi Humidifier v1
Mi Humidifier v2
PM2.5 Air Monitor
Mi Power Plug
Mi Power Strip
ZhiMi Mi Fan
Dmaker Mi Fan
Mi Motion Sensor
Aqara Motion Sensor
Mi Magnet Sensor
Aqara Magnet Sensor
Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Mi Wireless Switch
Aqara Wireless Switch
Aqara Wireless Switch (Advanced)
Mi Aqara Cube
Mi Smart Plug
Aqara Smart Wall Single Switch No Neutral
Aqara Smart Wall Double Switch No Neutral
Aqara Smart Wall Single Switch With Neutral
Aqara Smart Wall Double Switch With Neutral
Aqara Wireless Wall Single Switch (Advanced)
Aqara Wireless Wall Double Switch (Advanced)


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