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Introducing Refer a Friend

Introducing Refer a Friend — good things are meant to be shared. Help your friends & family discover the fun and convenience of having a smart home. Introduce someone to Homey and gift them 3 months of Homey Premium.

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Within the Homey app, tap More (…)Refer a Friend. From here, you can easily send invitations and track who accepts them. Share your unique welcome link via your preferred messaging app by tapping Share your Link.

Image of a phone screen displaying two people engaged in an app.

If your friend already has a Homey account, they can redeem their 3 months of Homey Premium right away. If not, we will guide them through downloading the app and creating an account. Once that's done, they can redeem their offer.

Refer a Friend is available for users of Homey Premium and Homey Pro. If your friends like the extra functionality, they can continue the service for just € 2.99 per month. Of course, they are welcome to cancel at any time.

Get more out of Homey with Premium

With Homey Premium, you unlock even more useful features. Connect with an unlimited number of devices, gain access to Homey Insights, and create Advanced Flows. Let others who are looking to enhance their homes experience these benefits. They'll thank you later.

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