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Homey app widgets - One-tap access to your favorite Flows

Homey app widgets - One-tap access to your favorite Flows

Today we introduce Homey app widgets, a brand new feature in the Homey app since v4.1.1. This free software update starts rolling out to all Homey users today.

Homey app widgets give you quick access to your favorite Flows, directly from the home screen on your phone. It’s a convenient way to control your home in less than a second, without any need to open the app. 

Your next mood, just a tap away

Widgets are like short or mini versions of your applications. The main purpose is to display often-used actions and execute simple tasks. Whether you just want a quick glance at the weather or call your mom with just one tap, widgets are versatile and easy to use.

Imagine crawling into bed and ... shoot! You forgot to turn off the lights in the kitchen. No worries. With Homey app widgets you quickly turn all your devices off by activating your own ‘Devices off’-Flow. This way, you don't have to get out of bed again. Are you traveling to work on a daily basis? Just check out the widget of your travel app and activate your ‘Almost-home’-Flow as soon as you’re leaving.

A shortcut to control your home

Android smartphones have multiple screens, so you can place widgets wherever you want. iOS has a dedicated screen where all the widgets are organized in a handy list format. With just a little effort you can turn your home screen into a dashboard for most of the important things you interact with on your device. If you’re a big fan of ‘quick and easy’ - adding your favorite Flows to your widgets is the way to go.

Customise your home screen, add your favorite Flows and control your entire home with a minimal amount of tapping. Need help adding widgets to your device? Read more in our support article.

To use Homey app widgets, make sure you’re using the Homey app v4.1.1 or higher.  

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