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Light Bulb
class MyDevice extends Homey.Device {     async onInit() {     this.registerCapabilityListener('onoff', async value => {       console.log(`Turned on: ${value}`);     });   }   }
Turned on: true

Homey Apps SDK

With the Homey Apps SDK, you can build apps that run on Homey and Homey Pro. Apps add support for new Devices, Flow cards, Insights & more to Homey. Essentially, an app is the glue between Homey & your devices.


Creating a great Homey app starts with reading the documentation.

Whether you want to learn about Devices, Drivers, Flow, Webhooks, Icons or OAuth2 — we've got it all.

Developer Tools

A great tool is half the work. The Homey Developer Tools help you debug & optimize your Homey app to create a first-class experience.

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Homey CLI

Create, run and publish your Homey app with the Homey CLI.

$ npm install --global homey

Learn about Homey CLI

VS Code Extension beta

Visually build your Homey app from within Visual Studio Code.

View, create and edit your App, Drivers, Flow cards, Capabilities & more.

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We've created a few Node.js packages to help you get started in no time.

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Verified Developer

Publishing apps for Homey Pro is free for anyone.

Publishing apps for Homey Cloud requires a verified developer subscription purchased on behalf of a company.

Only companies can buy the Homey Verified Developer subscription.

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The Talks with Homey program

While any developer can create a Homey app and publish it to the Homey App Store, the Talks with Homey program is meant for manufacturers that want a front-row experience for their customers.

The Talks with Homey Partner Program is set up to be a mutually beneficial program in which you — as a partner brand — can benefit from exclusive marketing opportunities, to reach new smart home customers.

Become a Talks with Homey partner

Homey Web API

Build integrations that you host yourself. Only available
for partners at this moment.