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Listen to online radio stations through Homey Music

Listen to online radio stations through Homey Music to do: mp3-streams only: m3u and pls streams not yet supported examples Some examples of streams which can be added: NL: Radio 1 : Radio 2 : 3FM : Radio 4 : Radio 5 : 3FM Serious Talent : 3FM Alternative : Funx NL : Sky Radio 101 FM : Sky Radio hits : Piratenkanon : Skihut FM : BNR : 100% NL : Aarschok powered by Pinguin : Arrow Classic Rock : IndieXL : Special streams Sinterklaas-radio : German 538 Verrückte Halbe Stunde : Changelog v1.2.2 (3-3-2019) added german translation v1.2.1 (18-2-2019) fix calling mamangermedia after changing setting v1.2.0 (29-1-2019) fix for Homey v2.x v1.1.1 (10-3-2018) edited app-page v1.1.0 (17-11-2017) play radio through flowcard-search (Homey-Music) v1.0.0 (13-11-2017) added global flowtriggers, edited settings-screen for Mobile app v2 v0.0.2 (21-10-2017) changed pics v0.0.1 (21-10-2017) first version Thanks to Icon: Image: Hendrik Jansen:


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