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Always want to be informed about who is at home or not? Or receive a notification when you need to purify the air in your house? Automate your smart home even more personal with Homey and Netatmo.

A more conscious and smarter life by providing insight into the quality of life at home. That is Netatmo's mission and philosophy. Since the introduction of Netatmo's first smart weather station in 2012, the company has redesigned at least one product for the home every year. In total Netatmo has won no less than 14 CES innovation awards and their products are available all over the world.

Improve your living environment at home

Everyone lives differently - which is obviously a good thing. With Homey you always have the freedom to choose Innr plugs, motion sensors from Fibaro and smart curtains from Somfy. Add them to your Flows and simply connect your Netatmo products to other devices and brands in your home.

With the smart radiator knob from Netatmo, you can set the ideal temperature for each room. For example, with Homey, automatically heat and light your house when you are almost home or just wake up. In addition, there is no unnecessary heating when a window is open. This way, you should survive the cold winters. 🙂

Stay on top of mind

Security cameras, window and door sensors have been popular devices to monitor your home for years. Netatmo came up with a way to make the "regular" camera even smarter. What if a camera not only records but also warns you if something strange happens? The Netatmo Presence (outdoor camera) and the Welcome (indoor camera) offer a solution. Ideal for control freaks and people with a curious nature.

Privacy-conscious? The recording of Welcome is only started when motion is detected.

Improve the living environment at home - your way. Find out which Netatmo smart solutions suit you and discover a world of possibilities for a smart, healthy living environment.

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