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Homesh Controller

Control other Homey's
Control other Homey's

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Homey (Satellite)
Play File (Controller's Micro Web Server)
Play's a soundfile from the Controller's Micro Web Server on the Satellite.
Homey (Satellite)
Play File (Satellite's Soundboard)
Play's a soundfile from the Satellite's Soundboard on the Satellite.
Homey (Satellite)
Play Url
Homey (Satellite)
Say Text (Google)
Homey (Satellite)
Set Screensaver
Homey (Satellite)
Say Text (Athom)
Homey (Satellite)
Start Triggername/Tag with (Text 1, Number 1, Yes/No 1) and wait to finish


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Version 0.9.10 — Bugfixed: Update Satellite also.

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