Matjaž Lipuš

Search YouTube, play playlists

Search YouTube and play found video in media player. Play playlists Play music directly on Homey (experimental) Trigger cards - YouTube media changed - triggered when search finishes or playlist item changes Action cards - Search YouTube - play predefined video - Search YouTube (live) - searches dynamic query (i.e. from speech) - Get YouTube playlist - fethes playlist and triggers media changed trigger - Stop YouTube playlist - stops playlist Speech support - “watch Adele from YouTube”; triggers “YouTube media changed” - “play Adele from YouTube”; plays music on Homey API support Other apps can consume YouTube API using this app. Homey.manager('api').get('/app/', function (err, result) { Homey.log(result) }) Screenshots [Search YouTube action] [Search Live YouTube action] [Playlist autoplay support] [YouTube media change trigger] Works great with Chromecast app. [Chromecast cast URL] Donate If you like the app, buy me a beer! [Paypal donate] Bitcoin address 1DFvxFGFyK11Fr8gTJNeh5xnQMSZCbNgRZ [Bitcoin donate]]


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