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NAD D7050 and C338 app for Homey

This app lets you control NAD D7050 and C338 amplifiers from within flows or the mobile interface via the Homey home automation controller. In its current state, the app requires that you enter the amplifier’s IP address so it is advised to set it up to have a fixed IP address or a ‘static lease’ from the DHCP server. In this SDK2 version an option is added to let the Homey app ‘stay connected’ to the amplifier. This means that Homey doesn’t need to set up a new connection each time. However, it also means that the use of the Homey app cannot be combined with the NAD Electronics network (iPhone) app. FEATURES Supported flow actions: - switch on / standby - select input - set volume - mute / unmute - enabling / disabling auto shut off - enabling / disabling power saving mode - increase / decrease volume inc. option with custom step size Supported flow conditions: - device on/off - device muted/unmuted - input selected Supported flow triggers: - device on/off - volume changed Mobile capabilities: - on/off - volume - mute/unmute - input selection Standby modes The NAD D7050 features two standby power saving modes: ‘ECO mode’ and ‘Network standby’. In Network standby mode the device is fully reachable via the network but still uses 15W continuously. In ECO mode the amplifier only uses about 1W. However in this mode it can only be switched on via IR or by physically touching the on/off button on top of the device. Auto shutoff The ‘auto shutoff’ feature activates the chosen power saving mode after idling for 15 minutes. =============================================================================== # Changelog VERSION 0.0.7 - 12: - Support for C338 added VERSION 0.0.6: - SDK2 rewrite VERSION 0.0.5: - Small bugfix VERSION 0.0.4: - Added mobile volume and input selector functionality VERSION 0.0.3: - Added flow conditions and volume up/down action - Added mobile on/off functionality VERSION 0.0.2: - Textual corrections VERSION 0.0.1: - Initial version

Dispositivi supportati

NAD D7050 amplifier
NAD C338 amplifier


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