Leon van der Ree

Timer adds Timer functionality in the Then clause of your flows

*FKA Then More This app adds More functionality to the Then… clause of your flows, to be able to turn (dimmed) devices on for a period of time. How does it work? - Create a flow with for example a motion sensor, but basically anything you like as a trigger in the When… clause - Add a Timer-card to the Then… clause of your flow - Select an OnOff device, or scroll to the Dimable device card - Enter the amount of seconds to keep the device on - You can configure to not activate the device (with the associated off timer), when the device is already on. - When you have multiple flows, activating the same device, but with different durations, you can also define to set the duration to the current configured time, even when it’s shorter than the time left in the running timer. When the flow (or another flow with the same device entered in the Timer card) is triggered again, the timer gets reset, and the device is kept on for a longer period of time. Feel free to add multiple Timer-cards in the same flow, or select the same device in more than one flow via the Timer-cards. For more info, see: https://community.athom.com/t/timer-v0-4-3-stable-homey-v1-5-0-6-1-beta-homey-v2-fka-then-more-add-timers-to-temporarily-turn-on-devices/3722 Todo - Find a away to handle motion started/ended triggers better, since with continious motion, the timer will end sooner than (maybe even before) the last motion. Known issues - Version 0.4.2 does not run on Homey V1.5. This compatibility issue is not defined in the package.json so 0.4.2 is revoked, and replaced by 0.5.0 Version 0.7.3 β Homey V2: - Fixed a bug where timers wouldn’t start anymore, after you manually turned off a device while the timer was still running Version 0.7.2 β Homey V2: - updated athom api library, since it caches capability values, without updating them, but unfortunately without improvements - So implemented a dumb cache overwrite myself Version 0.7.1 α Homey V2: - refactored code to be more consistent - Fix retreiving capability value, instead of set - Probably fixed an issue, where old capability values got lost - Handle missing reference to previous timer, by logging warnings - TODO: find out how to get an up to date capability value Version 0.7.0 α Homey V2: - Removed instance caching of API results in app - Fixed a bug when filtering on devices, while zone name isn’t available anymore Version 0.6.2 β Homey V2: - fixed selecting devices - fixed missing reference to event listener, making the app crash - extra cache clear of api, to force update device state - updated athom api Version 0.6.1 β Homey V2: fixed settings page could contain timers that where expired Version 0.6.0 β Homey V2: cancel timer when light turned off manually, handle name changes of devices Version 0.5.0 β Homey V2 compatibility: changed api call to change device state Version 0.4.1 added details view on a timer in the settings page Version 0.4.0 β added settings page, to see and cancel running timers Version 0.3.1 fixed a bug that prevented timers could get reset Version 0.3.0 β added extra feature on dim card * restore previous dim level Version 0.2.0 β added 2 extra cards * condition: is timer running * action: cancel running timer Version 0.1.0 β initial release Final note The repository can be found at: https://github.com/lvanderree/com.synplyworks.thenmore


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