Philips Hue ZigBee

Johan Bendz

Philips Hue bulbs support without Bridge.

This app supports setting up your Philips Hue lights to your Homey without having a Philips Hue bridge. Missing a Philips Hue device? Here is a short guide when you want to request a new device to be added. 1. Add the device to Homey as a Generic Zigbee device 2. Tap and hold the device in the Homey app 3. When in the device tap properties in the upper right corner 4. Take a screenshot of the properties which will contain the info needed, see example below 5. Link to the device on Example: Product ID: LTC016 Service ID: 544 Profile ID: 4926 Make requests by adding it as an issue on GitHub or sending a mail to Thanks for contributing: How to transfer light from hue bridge to Homey by Jesper P: Hue lights are also resettable with the round Hue remote (i.e. Living colors gen 2 Remote). Delete the specific light in the official iOS Hue app. Then turn on the power of the specific light. Then press the on button and the one dot button on the remote simultaneously, while holding the remote near the light. The light will blink and has been reset. You can now add the light to Homey. NOTE: If the bulbs have been used with a bridge, or bought as a package with bridge, prior to connecting them directly to Homey. You will need to reset the bulb with the Philips Hue bridge before being able to add them. You can also reset the bulb with a Philips Hue Remote (8718696743157). I would like to credit Richard Slater for his icons that where used when creating this app (
What's new in v1.4.9
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Appareils pris en charge

Outdoor Sensor
Hue smart plug
Hue Outdoor Welcome Floodlight
Hue Cher Ceiling
Hue Fair Pendant
Hue Still Ceiling
Hue Amaze Pendant
Hue Phoenix Wall Light
Hue Struana Ceiling
Hue Lily Outdoor Spot
Hue Outdoor Lightstrip
Hue Ambiance Candle
Hue Ambiance Spot
Hue White Ambiance GU10 BT
Sana Wall Light
Hue Color Candle
Hue Color Spot GU10
Hue Play light bar
Hue LightStrips Plus
Hue Go
Hue Go BT
Hue Go Bluetooth
Hue White GU10 PF
Hue White GU10 with Bluetooth
Hue Lucca Outdoor Post
Hue Lucca Outdoor Garden Light
Hue Connected Lamp GU10
Hue Beyond Table
Hue Beyond Pendant
Hue Beyond Ceiling
Hue LightStrips
Hue Living Colors Bloom/Aura
Hue Living Colors Iris
Hue A19 White Ambiance
Hue White
Hue bulb A19
Hue E27 W&C Ambiance BT
Hue E27 White Ambiance BT
Hue Being Ceiling Lamp
Hue Fair Ceiling Lamp
Hue Aurelle Panel Light
Hue dimmer switch
Motion Sensor
Hue Phoenix Pendant
Hue Phoenix Table
Hue Filament G93
Hue Filament A60
Hue Filament ST64
Hue White Ambience Adore Bathroom Ceiling
Impress Outdoor Pedestal Light
Impress Outdoor Wall Light
Adore Bathroom mirror light
Hue Econic light
Hue Ensis Pendant
Hue Fluorish Ceiling Light
Hue Aurelle Panel Square
HUE 9W A60 E27 EUR White
Hue E14 White Candle BT
Hue Outdoor Fuzo Wall Lantern


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