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Homey app for ESPurna devices Below is a list of some of the devices that can be flashed with ESPurna. Currently only sockets and 1-ch switches are supported in this app, but contributions are welcome. # Recommended settings # Most settings can stay default, but some needs to be changed in order for this app to work properly. - ADMIN - Enable HTTP API: Yes - HTTP API Key: Create a key and note it - GENERAL - LED mode: Relay & Wifi (optional) - SENSORS - Save every: 60 - Energy units: Kilowatt-hour - SWITCHES - Boot mode: Same as before # TUYA # TUYA devices can be flashed easily without opening and/or soldering using tuya-convert: Make sure to flash with ESPurna firmware (Tasmoto is default). Download the firmware for your device here: If you are not sure which firmware is correct, it is very easy to change firmware ("upgrade") from the web interface after first flash, so no worries. But be careful to follow all instructions thoroughly or your device may be bricked. # ESPurna compatible devices # AI-Thinker AI Light / Noduino OpenLight Arilux AL-LC01 Arilux AL-LC02 Arilux AL-LC06 Arilux AL-LC11 Arilux E27 Arniex Swifitch Autohometion LYT8266 BLITZWOLF BW-SHP2 Bestek MRJ1011 Development Boards EXS WiFi Relay v3.1 Electrodragon ESP Relay Board Generic 8 Channel board Generic AG-L4 Generic DHT11 v1.0 Generic DS18B20 v1.0 Generic ECH1560 Generic RGBLed v1.0 Generic Relay v4.0 Generic V9261F Generic boards Green ESP8266 Relay HEYGO HY02 Heltec Touch Relay Huacanxing H801/H802 Hörmann Torantrieb mit UAP 1 IKE ESPike ITEAD 1CH Inching ITEAD BN-SZ01 ITEAD Motor Clockwise/Anticlockwise ITEAD S20 ITEAD S26 ITEAD S31 ITEAD Slampher ITEAD Slampher 2.0 ITEAD Sonoff 4CH ITEAD Sonoff 4CH Pro / Pro R2 ITEAD Sonoff B1 ITEAD Sonoff Basic ITEAD Sonoff Dual ITEAD Sonoff LED ITEAD Sonoff POW ITEAD Sonoff POW R2 ITEAD Sonoff RF ITEAD Sonoff RF Bridge ITEAD Sonoff SV ITEAD Sonoff T1 ITEAD Sonoff TH10/16 ITEAD Sonoff Touch InterMitTech QuinLED Jan Goedeke Wifi Relay Board (NC/NO) Jinvoo SM-AW713 Jorge García Wifi + Relay Board Kit KMC 70011 LINGAN SWA1 Lights / LED Controllers Lombex Lux Nova Luani HVIO Magic Home LED Controller ManCaveMade ESPLive Maxcio W-DE004 Maxcio W-US002S Muvit IO miobulb001 NEO COOLCAM NAS WR01W NodeMCU Lolin OBI / Euromate Wifi Plug OBI / Euromate Wifi Plug v2 OpenEnergyMonitor Wifi MQTT Relay / Thermostat Orvibo B25 EU/UK Power Plugs Shelly 1 Shelly 1PM Shelly 2 TONBUX/MXQ SP04 Tinkerman's ESPurna H Tinkerman's ESPurna Switch Tonbux Mosquito Killer Tonbux Powerstrip02 Tonbux XS-SSA06 Wemos D1 Mini Relay Shield WiOn 50055 Witty Cloud WorkChoice EcoPlug Xenon SM PW 702U YJZK wall switch YiDian XS-SSA05 Zhilde ZLD-44EU-W iWoole Smart Table Lamp
What's new in v1.0.1
Fixed brandColor + removed url from README.txt

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