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Best Buy Guides Find the Best Kitchen Appliances for Your Smart Home in 2022
Best Buy Guide
Find the Best Kitchen Appliances for Your Smart Home in 2022
Best Buy Guide

Find the Best Kitchen Appliances for Your Smart Home in 2022

If you're like most people, the kitchen is the heart of your home. It's where you cook meals, prepare breakfast and dinner, and gather with your family. So why not make this space smarter? Enhance your kitchen with smart devices and make your life easier – in this article, we’ll show you how. Let’s discuss some of the best kitchen appliances for your smart home in 2022.

Improve Your Kitchen with Smart Home Devices

You might be asking – what are some of the benefits of having a smart kitchen? While other rooms and spaces of your home can be made smart with little effort, the kitchen is often overlooked. However, there's a number of devices and manufacturers worthy of your attention. Thanks to their help, you can be saving time, consuming less power, and making your day much more pleasant.

For example, if you're looking for a smarter way to do the dishes, consider integrating a smart dishwasher into your smart home. Smart dishwashers offer intelligent dishwashing programs, improved energy efficiency, and notifications on the status of the current cycle.

Another great option for your smart home is getting a smart oven. Smart ovens can be controlled with your Homey, providing features like smart cooking programs, preheating, cooking timers, and automatic shut off. 

They also offer energy savings by reducing the preheat time and using less energy overall. Moreover, you can ensure that they’re powered off from your smartphone while you’re away from home, providing extra peace of mind.

Another appliance that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the smart fridge. Smart fridges connect to the Internet and integrate with your smart home powered by Homey. They come with features like power consumption monitoring, temperature control, and notifications when the door isn't closed properly.

Finally, you shouldn't forget about coffee. A smart coffee machine will easily become a crucial part of your smart home. You'll quickly fall in love with their customizable brewing times, water temperature control, and milk frothing. 

The best thing about having a smart kitchen is being able to include appliances into home automation with Homey Flows. For instance, every morning you can wake up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee, prepared just the way you like it. 

As another example, you'll never forget to unload the freshly washed dishes if you set up a simple Homey Flow to ping your phone or smart speaker when the dishes are ready.

If there's one downside to smart kitchen appliances, it's that their pricing leans towards premium. Fortunately, you can also upgrade your kitchen on a budget. There are numerous gadgets that help you retrofit your dumb devices and make them ready for the Internet of Things.

One such device is the SwitchBot Bot which we'll cover in our product reviews below. There are various other accessories that are suitable for the kitchen, such as an air purifier, power-metering plug, or smoke detector.

The Best Smart Products for Your Kitchen

We've prepared a detailed product guide to show you some of the most popular smart kitchen appliances. All of these are available on the market in 2022.

BrandModelPriceProtocolHomey Pro SupportHomey Beta Support
BoschFree-Standing Smart Dishwasher (SPS6YMI17E)€799Wi-FiYesYes
MieleMiele Smart Oven (H 7164 B)€1649Wi-FiYesNo
BoschBosch Free-Standing Fridge-Freezer (KGN39HIEP)€1599Wi-FiYesYes
SiemensSiemens EQ9+ S500€1799Wi-FiYesYes

Bosch Free-Standing Smart Dishwasher (SPS6YMI17E)

Available at EUR 799

Bosch Free-Standing Smart Dishwasher (SPS6YMI17E)
  • Advanced drying technology
  • Cycle notifications
  • Quiet

Bosch dishwashers are the perfect addition to any home. They can handle any load, no matter how demanding, but they’re also gentle enough to clean fragile dishes like your favorite glasses. 

With its flexible and practical loading solutions, the SPS6YMI17E can accommodate various types of dishes, including larger pots, pans, and bowls. Plus, its practical storage solution makes it easy to place all of your dishes and cutlery conveniently.

When integrated into Homey, this dishwasher can achieve even more. You can control it via the Homey Mobile App or include it into home automation with Homey Flows. You can set the cleaning program to start as soon as you leave the house, so that you always return home to clean dishes. The smart functionality also works to protect your home from water leaks – with an additional flood sensor, you can stop the dishwasher in case a water leak has been detected.

The dishwasher is generally pretty quiet, but thanks to the Home Connect App, you can even let the dishwasher know you need a break from noise. Simply pause the appliance from Homey for as long as you wish. No longer will the cleaning process interrupt important calls or Zoom meetings.

Note that while this dishwasher is free-standing, Bosch offers integrated models with identical features, too.

Miele Smart Oven (H 7164 B)

Available at EUR 1649

Miele Smart Oven (H 7164 B)
  • Gorgeous design
  • Smart programs
  • Smart preheating
  • Energy-saving
  • Pricey

Although the Miele H 7164 B provides a lot of comfort, the one thing to keep in mind here is that the device is quite expensive, and thus not for everyone.

Still, it offers plenty of pros. You can bake, roast, and broil better than ever before. This oven’s smart features ensure that whatever you put in, your doughs will be fluffy, crusts perfectly browned, and meat brown on the outside while juicy on the inside. In addition, the integrated timer is handy for keeping track of your food. 

With the Miele@Home functionality, you can add this oven and other Miele appliances into your smart home with Homey. The integration is straightforward and it allows you to set up various ways to control the oven, be it via the Homey Mobile App, a voice assistant, or a third-party smart home controller.

When you’re in the mood for a delicious piece of bread, cake, or meat, you can preheat this oven with a single click on the IKEA Trådfri or Fibaro controller. When the temperature changes or when your meal is ready, you can receive a convenient notification on your phone. 

Pair the oven with a smoke detector to automatically turn it off when things go awry.

Bosch Free-Standing Fridge-Freezer (KGN39HIEP)

Available at EUR 1599

Bosch Free-Standing Fridge-Freezer (KGN39HIEP)
  • Great design
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Built-in contact sensor
  • Expensive

With its sleek design and the Home Connect technology, the Bosch Free-Standing Fridge-Freezer offers a smarter way to store your food. Thanks to its features, the fridge keeps food fresh for longer in climate controlled conditions, so you can always enjoy nutritious and delicious meals.

With the Home Connect App for Homey (which also supports other appliances by Bosch, Siemens, and other brands), you can use your mobile device to set the ideal storage temperature of your fridge and freezer.

Moreover, the built-in contact alarm can remind you to close the door properly if you haven’t done so – just connect this fridge with your voice assistant of choice to get a spoken notification. This is one of the reasons why a smart fridge-freezer is ideal for saving energy.

There's plenty of comfort that comes with this appliance, too. For example, in case of a longer power outage, you can be automatically notified to dispose of frozen food that has thawed and gone bad. On top of that, the fridge's cooling phase is much quieter than you might expect. Unfortunately, the comfort requires a hefty investment.

Siemens EQ9+ S500

Available at EUR 1799

Siemens EQ9+ S500
  • Many coffee presets
  • Looks great
  • Keeps you informed on status of water tank
  • Can be quite noisy

Is there anything better than a delicious cup of coffee to start your day? Whether you like your coffee strong or mild, piping hot or iced, the EQ9+ S500 has got you covered.

With its intuitive smartphone control, this smart coffee maker gives you all the status updates and customization options you need to make that perfect cup. This fully automatic espresso machine allows you to tweak five essential parameters that affect the taste of your coffee – strength, quantity, temperature, coffee-to-milk ratio and brewing speed. You can even switch to the so-called baristaMode for further customisation.

With the Siemens EQ9+ S500, you can enjoy your favorite blends with ease. Moreover, thanks to the Home Connect App for Homey, you can include your Siemens coffee machine in Homey Flows, and get freshly brewed coffee automatically just when you need it.

As a cherry on top, this machine will look great on your kitchen countertop thanks to its stylish design.

SwitchBot Bot

Available at EUR 29

SwitchBot Bot
  • Useable with any existing switch or button
  • Easy installation
  • Supports various types of devices
  • Bluetooth response is sometimes slow
  • Adds bulk

Now, let's talk about something completely different. If you need to retrofit old appliances or non-smart gadgets, the SwitchBot Bot provides a budget-friendly way of adding smart control to them. This device is a tiny robot that pushes existing buttons or switches for you. For example, you can turn on your coffee machine, control the hood, or upgrade an old light switch without complicated installation.

The device is battery-powered and sticks onto or below any device you intend to automate. When activated, its little arm moves outward to push down on anything it touches, and with an attachment, it can also move a switch back to its original position, providing full on/off support.

The Bot is controlled via Bluetooth and can be paired to Homey Pro or Homey Bridge in no time. Although there’s sometimes a delay in response time, the device is still handy and allows setting up many types of home automation with other devices, with the SwitchBot App for Homey. Unfortunately, the Bot adds a plastic “hump” to the device it controls, so it’s not always the most aesthetic option.

The Best Devices for Your Smart Kitchen

As you can see, there are various appliances to choose from, be it ovens, dishwashers, fridges, or coffee machines. The most common ones are produced by well-known German manufacturers like Bosch, Siemens, and Miele, but you might also find other brands compatible with your Homey.

Since these devices tend to have a premium price tag, there are also budget-friendly alternatives you can consider. For example, it's possible to use a SwitchBot Bot to upgrade older devices.

On top of that, contact sensors can be placed on appliance doors to keep you informed about their status. Simply set up a notification when your dishwasher door opens or when you don't close the fridge properly. The same goes for smart plugs – you can use them to stay on top of the energy consumption and the status of your appliances, wherever you are. You'll see if they're not turned on by accident, so you can prevent any potential damage.

Of course, your kitchen might also benefit from having an additional air purifier, smart speaker, power-metering plug, or smoke detector, all of which we've recently covered in their dedicated Best Buy Guides. Don't forget to take a look.

We hope our guide has given you a good overview of existing products. We also hope you have a better idea of what's currently possible with a smart home powered by Homey.

To discover all features of Homey and Homey Pro, discover all the possible use cases of Homey and get inspired!

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