Join our 10th birthday celebration. This week only, every 10th Homey Pro or Homey Bridge is free!

Try Advanced Flow for free this weekend 🚀

Only this weekend, you can try Advanced Flow for free. With Advanced Flow, you can create highly visual Flows on an infinite canvas, using all kinds of new Flow cards. It makes automation more powerful, cleaner, and more fun to build.

We want all our Homey Pro users to experience the power of Advanced Flow, so we have activated it on all Homey Pro devices. To get started, simply go to the Homey Web App at on a laptop or desktop computer, create a new Flow and choose 'Advanced Flow'.

When can I use Advanced Flow?
You can use Advanced Flow for free from Friday 30 September 11:00 AM until Monday 3 October 12:00 PM (CEST).

Who can use Advanced Flow?
All Homey Pro users are able to use Advanced Flow. This includes Homey (Early 2016 - 2019) models, which are regarded as Homey Pro in terms of software and updates.

What will happen to my Advanced Flows after the weekend?
Advanced Flows will be saved and will still work after the weekend. You can also delete Advanced Flows after the weekend. However, you are not able to edit an Advanced Flow without purchasing Advanced Flow after the trial.

What if I want to keep using Advanced Flow after the weekend?
Great question! You buy Advanced Flow for a one-time purchase, and create and edit Advanced Flows on your Homey Pro without any time limits.

PS. 🎬 Emile and Alex did a Livestream regarding Advanced Flow, loaded with Tips & Tricks!

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