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Adds support for Synology DiskStation Retrieve information from your Synology DiskStation. Get notification when a value has changed. Support: - DSM 6 - DSM 7 - Synology DiskStation How to use: - Install this app on your Homey. - Go to new devices - Fill in IP - Username - Password - (2FA optional) - Data will be fetched. - Check statuses or create flows. Current features: - Switch on / off. (Requires Wake-On-Lan to be active) - Display CPU % - Display Disk % - Display Temperature - Temperature alarm - Display online time - Get notification when a value has changed. - Flows More info on the community: - Link in app info below
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Supported devices

Synology DiskStation

Flow cards

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Synology DiskStation
Turned on
Synology DiskStation
Turned off
Synology DiskStation
The heat alarm turned on
Synology DiskStation
The heat alarm turned off
Synology DiskStation
The temperature changed


Synology DiskStation
Is turned on
Synology DiskStation
The heat alarm is on


... Reboot
... Update data
... ... Upload File
Synology DiskStation
Turn on
Synology DiskStation
Turn off
Synology DiskStation
Toggle on or off


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