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Control your LG WebOS TV

This app supports webOS 2 & webOS 3 TVs made by LG. This app will allow you to create flows with the following actions for your LG WebOS TV: - Set a TV channel - Set an Input Source (e.g. HDMI 2) - Set volume & mute - Power on the TV - Power off the TV - Show a message on the screen - Launch an application It will also allow you to control the following capabilities of your TV from the app: - Set volume & mute - Power on the TV - Power off the TV - Play - Pause - Fast forward - Rewind Note: When the TV is powering on there is a delay before it will be detected by Homey. Powering the TV on or off is done using Infrared, all other actions are used via Wi-Fi.
What's new in v3.3.1
Added Dutch translations

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