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Jamie Peake

Maakt het mogelijk om apparaten te groeperen en te schakelen.

With this app you can group devices with the same capabilities as one device. 1. After installing, to add a new Group, click + (add) upon the devices tab select “< group >”. 2. Now select the group device’s class. (e.g. Light). 3. You will now see all the capabilities supported by this class. Chose the ones you need. (e.g. Turned on" and “Dim level”, “Temperature” ). 4. Displayed upon the next page are all devices that have all the capabilities you selected, simply select the devices you want to group. 5. On the final page you change change the icon of the device if you would like, or select next to use the default < group > icon. 6. Now you have one device to control all the grouped devices. Settings There are two sets of settings associated with device groups, first the settings are available from the group, which offers overview information only.The second more important method can be accessed from the application settings, [More -> Settings -> < group >] From with in the settings you can not only update which devices are in which groups, but you also have much more control on how the group will report information back to you. For example, should a group which consists of contact sensors trigger when one contact sensor alarms or when all of them do? Or perhaps you would like a group of temperature sensors to show the minimum value rather then the average. Open up the settings, click upon the group category (eg. sensor or light) all the groups of that type will show. Click upon the group you would like to edit. Contributions This app is based off of the original ‘Device Groups’ app by Swttt for Homey v1. Changelog 2.3.1 - Added German locale - Attempt to ‘speed up’ groups, with out breaking anything. - Added ‘All’/‘other’ group - Added additional icons, door/window/switch - This app now requires version 2.0.5-rc5 of Homey (German/translators) 2.2.2 - Add alarm category 2.2.1 - Fix to device class label on create incorrectly being device.name - Update WebAPI - Fixes for deleted items - Event tracking when a device is deleted - Use html entities with in appstore.md - Re-introduce image, kibbling 10% more visible. 2.2.0 - Check if a device exists prior displaying it in the settings. - Don’t update capability of deleted devices - Remove deleted devices from cache - Stop polling deleted devices. - Show deleted devices with in the settings, so they can be removed - Add deleted/offline icons/notices with in settings. - Device data version now received from app manifest 2.1.7 - NL transactions, pairing fixes. - Code consolidation and clean up - Remove superfluous information from library - Fixes (#26) - Remove debug logging, clean up other logging. - Update Documentation - Remove relay device/driver 2.1.6 - Now polls grouped devices to ensure they are running/ready - Consistent loader icon between pair/settings. 2.1.5 - Add Breadcrumb to settings, WIP - Update app Icon - Update app image - Add Changelog - Add local css/js files - In app settings - Hide breadcrumbs if there are no groups 2.1.4 - Set Settings back to devices 2.1.3 - Get methods and devices. 2.1.2 - Convert settings to full webAPI implementation. 2.1.1 - Settings UX concept 2.1.0 - Update settings to use new i18n subsystem. 2.0.2 - Tag Beta Release 2.0.1 - Disabled changing a devices settings. - Added support for choosing an icon. - Standardised the classes and inheritance. - Updated code to use the new makeCapabilityInstance - Keeps track created/deleted devices refreshes device cache - Updated code base to Homey v2 Spec - Reliability, Stability and Performance 2.0.0 - Feedback on device status - Added Ability to group read only capabilities. - Allow device status to be calculated from grouped devices - Device Classes (Categories) & Capabilities will now display correct name rather than tag. - Device Classes (Categories) & Capabilities now support en/nl languages. - Addition of all new categories - Addition of all new capabilities - Groups will now refresh and update their devices immediately when changed in the settings, rather then waiting for restart. - Added class and capabilities to the device settings page, with in devices, Read Only. - Change calculated method from the settings - Added the ability to store your notes against a device group. - Added i18n support to the device settings page labels, currently support en only. 1.1.0 - Change grouped devices via settings 1.0.0 - Ability to group settable devices For all questions, suggestions and support please visit : https://community.athom.com/t/groups-v1-0/3168/27

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