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Connect your Mi•Light devices with Homey. Homey connects with your Mi•Light WiFi bridge to control the lights. Supported bridges: - First generation WiFi box - Second generation WiFi iBox1 - Third generation WiFi iBox2 Mi•Light devices are also known as: - EasyBulb - AppLight - AppLamp - LEDme - Dekolight - Rocket LED - s.LUCE - iLight - iBulb - Kreuzer Changelog v3.2.3 - Added missing Flow cards >- Enable white mode for iBox and 8-Zone Controller >- Enable effect mode and enable specific effect mode for 8-Zone Controller >- Enable night mode for White Zone and 8-Zone Controller v3.2.2 - Minor crash preventive fixes v3.2.1 - Added support for 8-Zone Controller (Bèta) - Added driver for iBox light device - Added button capabilities for night-, white- and effectmode (re-pair needed, not all devices support this) - Added device and bridge information in device settings - Added nested pairing wizard (bridges > devices) - Improved speed and reliability of pairing wizard - Fixed a bug where bridges would become unreachable after changing IP address - Added retry functionality to all ‘retryable’ commands, improving reliability v3.1.10 - Fixes updating capability values when changed v3.1.7 - Minor fixes to device settings - Fix migration from SDKv1 to SDKv2 v3.1.1 - Rewrite app for SDKv2 - Add effect mode speed up/down Flow Cards v3.1.0 - Add support for iBox V6 - Add support for RGBWW (i.c.w. iBox V6) - Added night mode functionality

Ondersteunde apparaten

RGB Zone
Wit Zone
iBox Zone
8-Zone Controller


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